From the day we brought Sophia and her brother, Maestro, home we noticed a significant difference in their personalities. Maestro was (and still is) very cuddly and lovable, he will instantly jump on the couch for affection and tummy rubs.

Sophia had a different take on life though and was a bit of a different pup.  While Maestro was all about playtime and being loved, Sophia would just sit and observe from a distance. Many times we all would call her over, go to pick her up, and would even just sit or lay wherever she was and just love on her. Sometimes she would walk away. Sometimes she would stay and in those times I would look in her eyes and whisper in her ear that she's loved and speak light into her little heart that seemed hard. It made me sad thinking what on earth could have happened in her first few weeks of life that caused her to be this way.  That thought then turned into thinking of us humans. Sophia was a puppy when we got her, just a couple months old in this world and she was already hurt (from what it seemed). Sometimes we are the same way - hurt human beings and deep inside all we want is to be loved and that is what I saw in Sophia. 

Eventually, with lots of invested time and loving on her, her heart did change. It makes me laugh because when we would carry or hug her, she would make this groaning sound and push with all fours to be let down.  She wasn't having it at times - kinda like how us humans can be, we give the "hand" or give the Heisman (trophy) type body language.  We respected Sophia's wishes and never forced it on her but we also kept loving her along the way. In her own time, she progressed for the good.

Currently, Sophia is a spunky little girl who not only accepts love but also loves BACK, and many times she will come up and request cuddle time or tummy rubs (by giving us a gentle nudge of her nose).  It is almost day and night with how opposite she is now compared to a year ago! She has her little setbacks here and there, just as us human beings have but everyday she grows sweeter and we see her heart and spirit blossom.

Love does wonders, in not only puppies but in us (humans) as well.

Love is the greatest thing we can ever give someone.

. . .

If you know someone who is in need of love, love them and speak light into them.  Even if they are challenging and resist it, know that they may not know how to react or there may be so many reasons to explain why they are challenging. I promise you, in due time their heart will change and they will not only receive love but will also give love.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.