Life is simple. Let's not complicate it.

Earlier today, Cass was in the process of writing an email to her coach. Per normal, I tend to give her a little direction with writing. Cass wrote the email and proceeded to read it out-loud, proofreading. I assisted with a simple edit and emphasized keeping the email short and sweet. Cassy rewrote the email, and read it out-loud. Again, I gave her some direction and emphasized keeping it simple and sweet. It was, literally, ONE simple question Cass had. This time, I was direct and told her what to write. I also found myself saying, "Keep it simple. Life is simple, we don't need to complicate it."

As I uttered, "Keep it simple. Life is simple, we don't need to complicate it," I found myself instantly eating those words. #humbled #Guilty

How many times have I complicated something, when I could have kept it completely simple?  M A N Y !

I could brush it off and instantly blame it on my indecisiveness OR others could jokingly blame it on being a female. Truth is, we all have had moments where we made life far more complicated than it should have been.

Why is it though? Why do we opt for the headache?

This is all that I have learned: God made us plain and simple, but we have made ourselves very complicated. Ecclesiastes 7:29

We are our own worst enemy! 

When Jimmy and I were newly married, buying take-out food was not an option [my rule]. I was set on home cooked meals (gluten-free, organic, free range, nonGMO - yes, I'm that girl). I complicated our little life, amidst us working full-time jobs, Cass' sports & school schedule, and all other life things. I was stubborn and didn't want to take the easy route, I didn't want take-out. I didn't want that quick pizza from Trader Joe's where you simply throw-it-in-the oven. I wanted to complicate our life, even though I meant good by wanting to cook healthy homemade meals. Comparing my current self to back then, I have tamed it down. We keep easy-to-do meals on hand, like turkey meatballs in the freezer, pasta and pre-made sauce in the pantry. Being prepared in advance, gives us the opportunity and breathing-room to simplify life in any given moment.

God knows, we don't need an extra gray hair, raise our stress levels OR gain that extra pound of stress-weight.

However, complications aren't always tiny moments, like writing a simple email. Sometimes, it's marriage or family strains, financial or job issues, and mortgage or rent. It can also be things, like deciding which dress looks best on us or at the makeup counter deciding on that certain pink or red lipstick shade, and matching it with our skin complexion. #Struggles

Regardless of which complicated moment, we always know there IS opportunity to turn the moment into a simple, easy, breezy moment. Let us simply life. God wants that for us and we should want that for ourselves too.


What can you do, in advance, to simplify life during moments of confusion? And, for those unexpected but definitely 'could be' complicated moments, what habit can you create that will let you react and opt to simplify it instead?