Just fresh out of my teen years, a baby adult. Learning about life and adulthood but not being studious as I should have been.

Before you know it there's a baby in my arms, I'm married with a mortgage, and then BAM now a divorcee.

After that and for about the next eight years I celebrated every holiday and Valentine's Day with the most adorable little girl, my daughter.  Wouldn't have it any other way. Though, it would have been nice to experience all the feels, like, being surprised by a special someone with flowers and chocolates, a dinner or hike and picnic, or lets be honest, valentine donuts would have been amazing! Nevertheless, I let God's plan lead the way, pushing back all that my heart thirsted for. It was not easy. Much easier said than lived. I knew the heartbreak and pain that would come should I not be smart in who I let next in my heart.

2012 came around...and feeling all thirty-two years young.  Little did I know that was the year my life would change. 

An unplanned, super casual and friendly dinner at Outback Steakhouse led to many other outings with an old friend. Those outings eventually led to a Valentine's dinner and before the stars could make their sparkle in the sky, I officially had a boyfriend and became someone's girlfriend.

My friend of fourteen years became my boyfriend. That boyfriend then became my fiancé and we celebrated our four year anniversary sick with a cold, this last November.

It has been six years since that one Valentine's Day that changed everything. 

• • • •

Ladies and gentlemen, know your worth.

Valentine's day can be the sweetest day filled with all things pink and red, heart shaped cakes and donuts, and nothing less than love being sprinkled around like confetti. Valentine's can also be the worst day ever invented on planet Earth. 

Whatever your feels or thoughts are of February 14th, ALWAYS know your worth. Never ever settle. You are so worthy of the best and know, there is so much beauty during the season of waiting. Don't ever think He's forgotten about you. Trust me, your Boaz (or Ruth) is out there (and please read about Boaz in the Bible). 

It took one very sad divorce, many years of being in the season of waiting, lots of growth, lots and lots of God, and finally the fog in my eyes cleared. My Boaz was there all along. 

But had we dated earlier, we wouldn't have been ready for one another. Timing is everything. Timing is essential. And His timing is always perfect.

Never loose sight of His beautiful Will for your life.

• • • •

His love for us is the greatest love story ever told.

Fairytale turned reality.

For some or many, other fairytale's may seem grander compared to my own.

For the majority of my single-hood life, I prayed that God would bless me.  Nothing more, nothing less. And when my head was stuck in the clouds of what I so yearned for, it was glimpses of simple walks on the beach or to the park, as a family.

Living life now, in the reality and not doing any "wishful thinking"...walks on the beach or around our home overflows my heart with so much joy and happiness. At one point I thought I would need to scrap those moments of my head being stuck in the clouds but now, life just couldn't be anymore sweeter.  I enjoy the most littlest things we do as a family and as a couple.  Longs walks on the beach, watching the sun rise or set, no words need to be said, just having his company present is more than any word could ever say.  Having my daughter and the additional puppies around makes these moments magical and makes it feel that time goes by a bit slower than the norm; just so I can soak in the moments a little bit longer. Life is complete.  Life is good.  It really is ALL about the simple things in life and I am utterly thankful for every second of it.


To the singles, enjoy this time.  There is beauty in the waiting (for the "one"). There are rewards for being picky and not settling.  Take the time to grow and create adventures - travel the world.  Don't ever give up on your fairytale.

To the married, never regret a moment spent with your loved one and your children; for there are many who will gladly switch places with you in a heartbeat to experience just a moment of what you experience every day.  This includes the moments of washing piles of dishes, doing the laundry, and folding mountain piles of clothes and towels - be thankful for every part of it.