Under Construction

Currently, our master bath is being worked on, a somewhat remodel -- new floors, throne (󾔇), shower, paint, etc... 

While working away downstairs, I hear the demolition upstairs; sounds of pounding on the wall, noises of tile breaking and crashing onto the ground. 

Immediate thoughts are a sigh of relief and ready to get this checked off our list but then I glimpse outside and see our neighbor. Feeling kinda bad and hoping the noise isn't annoying or too loud for her. (I'm also jotting a note to get her a nice gift card, for tolerating us) 

This moment of under construction + possibly annoying my neighbor or making her feel uncomfortable, makes me think about our own time(s) of being under construction. 

Many times we have moments where we want change and many of us have made resolutions or committed to some sort of positive change for 2016. With change comes not only commitment, work, blood, sweat and tears on our end but it also affects those around us and some might not be able to handle it. 

Do NOT let the loudness of your demolition and reconstruction stop you from what your heart and soul desire to do, and your propose.

Construction and demolition on a home or any project is never quiet. Think about it. Our master bath for an example, it's old and we tried to revive it but it just wouldn't work. The paint was horrible, the toilet didn't work, the floor chipped and broken needed to go, the shower was horrendous - we haven't used it since we moved in. Now what do you think is going on in our own body, mind, heart and soul? Some have deep and unresolved healing, some need to be healthy (mentally and physically), some need to quit bad habits, and the list can go on. Don't let the loudness of your construction hinder or stop you to be better.

Under Construction

Under Construction