The other week, my husband and I were watching a dating show, it was all about people going on their first date, which also happens to be a blind-date. This one particular woman on the show caught my attention, though. Initially, it appeared she might of had a bit too much to drink and had some sort of liquor-confidence going on. This girl then started saying rude and mean comments towards her date, and was a bit judgmental. I don't think she was intentionally trying to be mean, it may have been coming from a place of hurt or bad experience. Her guard could have been up or it was some sort of a mechanism to deflect from what is going on internally. I don't know but what I do know is, she wasn't an easy person to have a conversation with. The girl put her date through the fire! He held his own though and took the verbal punches she threw.  He even tried to turn those punches into a positive and was persistent in trying to make the best of the date. Mid date the girl went to the ladies room, called a friend and the conversation went from bashing the guy to sharing how she made a big mistake by being too hard on the guy. She came back to her date and apologized for the way she was acting, asking if they can start the date over. He accepted and she stood-up, shook his hand and re-introduced herself.

During the tv show one-on-one interview, she emotionally shared:

"Sometimes, I'm a blessing blocker and I need to stop blocking my blessings."

The second half of their date went great but in the end her date thought it's best to be friends. To which she understood and was quite sad about it but she left with the realization that she needs to stop blocking her blessings - even when it is in the form of a wonderful man, that could have potentially turned into something long lasting.

• • • •

Many times there are moments where we are unaware of a blessing being poured down upon us. Many times, we become aware of a blessing mid-way, like this woman who realized she was robbing herself from a blessing. Even though she apologized and tried to salvage or do whatever she could to turn it around, to intercept the blessing. It was too late. Many other times, we become aware of a blessing coming our way but we intentionally and purposely block it. It could be because we feel we aren't worthy of receiving it or a variety of other factors that cause us to reject it. Many times we are blinded of the blessing and don't even know a blessing passed us by. And then, many times we are oblivious of a blessing but our hearts and minds are open, we unintentionally receive the blessing.

When God sprinkles or rains those blessings upon us, let us not question him and feel we are so unworthy of them that we reject it. It is, like, saying to God: "Nah, I'm good."

Let us not be a child on Christmas morning rejecting gifts (aka blessings) from those who love us dearly.

God is a God of purpose and intention. He is a good-good father. Let us not block blessings but instead learn to receive and embrace them, wholeheartdedly. 

• • • •

He blesses us so that we may be a blessing + bless others.


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17