because [wearing] pink is my public support for all the fighters

. . . .


It is the month of October and, naturally, many are in their own state-of-mind, as they should be, which could be focused on work, family things, figuring out halloween costumes, planning festivities, and the list can go on.

However, for others, the world shuts down by one single, life impacting and horrible, word:           C A N C E R

Two years ago, this month, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. We've shared (and blogged) with many of this moment. By the grace of God, and with tons and tons of prayers from all over the world, I am SO happy to continuously share she is cancer FREE! A definite Praise the Lord feeling and moment.

If you are so blessed and fortunate to not have been impacted by cancer, be ever so thankful. My family was blessed and fortunate of not being personally impacted, till my mothers prognosis.

Our life got rocked but our faith stayed solid.

Was it easy? Most certainly not. I have "before & after" prognosis photos of myself to prove it. My weight sky-rocketed due to stress and ultimately letting myself go, because I put family first. Even though I had faith and prayer, it didn't stop me in my quest to find solutions, researching non-stop, and seeing what I can do to help prevent my daughter and I from the deadly disease. The computer, or internet for that matter, is the devil. But this is just the impact on myself. My dad and brothers were hugely impacted as well. The fact of not knowing if your mother will survive or not can make any sane person feel a bit crazy, but again thankful for our God - the master of peace.

How is my mother doing now? She is doing SO good! She is a survivor! Is she 100% yet? No, but I have hope she will be one day. What many don't realize is those who survive cancer still have a long road ahead. It's, like, why? She went from looking like death in the beginning, to being healed, and after several surgeries - she should be good now! We really want to close this chapter of our families life and start a new one, more than ever. I have hope that one day that new chapter, in our life, will happen. My mother is facing yet another, possible, surgery next month, so hopefully next year will be the start of the 'new chapter'.

But, may I ask a favor from you?

I'm not going to ask you to donate money to a charity that benefits breast cancer. My ask is that you say a prayer (and if you can, make it daily) for all the families impacted by cancer, and most importantly for our warriors fighting the fight to be healthy and for their lives. Pray that their spouse has the strength and faith to be all they can be at this time. Lord knows it takes a toll on the spouses. Pray for the parents who have children with cancer because the worst thing a parent can do is bury their child, and seeing their child sick, being and feeling helpless is a feeling that is unexplainable. Pray for the children (however old they may be) with cancer, that they be healed because we know there is a purpose in each and every one of them! Pray for children impacted by their parents having cancer, pray that they would have peace in them and be the pillars that their family so needs at the moment. Most importantly, pray for healing and for a miracle. God says, where two or more are gathered He is there. He hears our every prayer. So you see, your prayer won't go in vain and it will be heard and not wasted. (Even if you don't believe in God)

My second ask, if you have been impacted by cancer (wether it be you yourself, spouse, parent, sibling, relative, friend, neighbor, co-worker OR anyone you know) wear the color that represents that cancer. If you haven't been impacted, thank the Lord....and maybe still wear a color that represents a cancer? Let us be a community, supporting one another, even if it is just a verbal encouragement, prayer or hug. I will be the first to tell you how it means so much to those who are going through the fight - regardless of the circumstance. It makes us feel we aren't alone in this great big world. A little surprise of coffee or tea (or their favorite treat) won't hurt, too :) 

Life is short. We don't know what tomorrow brings. But we do know their is community, and when the water gets deep, we are assured to know we won't drown because of community.

. . . .

p r a y e r

Dear God, May every cancer cell be wiped out by Your powerful hands.

Amen and Amen. Shalom and Shalom.

. . . .