Genuineness + Trader Joe's

Almost daily, it seems, there is a need to stop by the local Trader Joe's and this afternoon's visit wasn't the usual.

The morning started with dropping off and picking up my daughter from volleyball, then rushing over to my OBGYN appointment, and, lastly, making a quick stop downstairs for some blood work. As we headed home, dinner popped into mind and we needed to make a stop at the market, thus making a Trader Joe's visit. Again, nothing unusual.

What was also not unusual, the warm greetings and smiles received by the staff of TJ's, especially from the ones that remember me, from our frequent visits lol Only this time, there was gauze wrapped around my arm, from the blood work. Totally forgot to take it off, maybe because we were running around or maybe because my thoughts were distracting me, and then DINNER, gotta think what to make for dinner. Nonetheless, the little strip of gauze, that blended with the color of my skin, was noticed by one of the store employees and as we walked towards the check-out lanes, the same store employee quickly said he would help us. While scanning our food, one-by-one, he proceeds to ask how I'm doing. Nothing unusual, because every Trader Joe's staff members are always so friendly and nice. He then follows up by politely and casually asking, in a non direct way, about the the blood work I had done. My initial response was vague, only because my daughter was present and it's Trader Joe's, who gets deep into convo there? Well, second thought, I have! From conversations of hearing one tell me of their date at Disneyland, yummy food recipes, about cars, and all while having the food scanned. This also includes my husband, we tend to be quite the social butterflies :)

Today's visit was different. There was genuine concern in his eyes, and so I answered a little more in depth, without going too into detail because my daughter was there. Long story short, the moment was very heartwarming. Seeing his concern and hearing him ask questions, and then making sure to tell me to keep up in what I'm doing, to stay healthy.

I left Trader Joe's smiling. For many reasons, mainly because it was nice hearing concern from someone other than my husband, parents and my own circle of friends and family. See, sometimes or many times, I don't like expressing or sharing my feelings or whatever is currently going on. Many of us can go to our mothers, but with my mom being a recent breast cancer survivor (and will be having surgery next week), expressing my concerns to her is not something I'd consider doing. My moms health is enough for the plate, I just want her to focus on herself and not waste a thought on me. Also, I'm pretty private. Sounds ironic, considering I've shared so much on this site, right? Well, in person, I am private and very selective with who I share things with and also, who wants to bother another with their in-the-moment anxious thoughts and worries? Not I.


Take a moment, even if you are in a rush and don't have the time, to ask someone how they are doing. I know we hear this said all the time, but truly do it. Countless times, I see moments taken for granted. What could have been a highlight of the day for one, was instead a missed opportunity. We, as citizens of humanity, are to be the light in what is now a world filled with so much sorrow. Let us be the love, the happy and the hope. Many are counting on moments like I experienced. Many are going through far worse situations that my little stint of health concern, which is completely fixable. I know there are friends and family members, that I can call or text if I need someone to chat with and of course, there's my husband to go to, too. But many do not have the luxury that I and so many have, with having people to go to. I ask for you to simply give another a moment by listening to them or giving an honest minute of genuine concern and thoughtfulness. It is very heartwarming to have a stranger, someone who hardly knows you, be sincere in their conversation with you.

Take a moment, just like our friend at Trader Joe's did with me. It can change a life.


What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love
No, not just for some but for everyone