Unplanned days that turn into what your soul needed. 

As mentioned earlier, Cassy joined a new team that has us locked-in six days a week. Thankfully, we've been adjusting quite well to the new schedule - cooking dinner very early or late, picking her up from school then sprinting to practice, cleaning and errands during school hours, and then getting work done at a local coffee shop while she's at practice. Rolling with the flow is my motto.

Yesterday though, that unplanned but soul-satisfying day. 

I'm somewhat of a planner, which is funny because having a family usually means most of the time plans get tossed out the window. Yesterday, Sunday, was our first day of no plans in sight. My husband and I asked one another what we had going on for the day. Zero! Zilch! NADA! Hooray! You would think we would have made it a lazy Sunday. Top-bun status, comfy clothes, a marathon of movies and vegging out. Well, unexpectedly and collectively, we made the decision to get out of the house and enjoy the day. It started off with Cass asking if Dunkin Donuts had opened. Okay, guessing a donut shop will be our first stop. We ended up at Peet's - coffee for him, hot cocoa for her and hot tea for me, please. Instead of donuts, Sprinkle's Cupcakes sufficed ;)

Our final destination: La Jolla - Gliderport.

The soul-satisfying feeling of sitting and relaxing under the bright blue sky, soaking in that organic Vitamin D. The sound of the waves crashing. The fresh air filling your lungs. Making friends with those who sat near was a plus. All while watching talented and fearless people run and fly off the cliffs.

The day, or few hours spent, was everything I did not know my soul and heart thirsted for. It was the remedy and antidote to this on-the-go, fuzzy mom-brain, and quality family time is the best feeling. Ever. 

Do your soul and heart a favor, FIND or DISCOVER what makes your soul satisfied.

. . . . .

If you live in San Diego or plan on visiting, PLEASE be sure to fit in an early afternoon at this beautiful location. Being born and raised in San Diego, I never knew of this place! Thankful my cousin shared this special spot with us because it's now been a place we love going to.                 

P.S. Be sure to check the site for wind and weather info. There have beena couple times we visited and there was no one flying out, due to the winds not being strong enough. 

Is it kid friendly? YES! Just keep them very near.

Do they have a coffee/sandwhich shop? Yep!

erfect for picnics and dates? Most definitely.

re there seating? Yes, there are plenty of seating. Bench style seating, barstools and umbrella table seating.

f you happen to visit, please share with us your experience and photos :)