M A R R I A G E + D A T I N G

When Jimmy crossed over the friend zone we were in our thirties, and at a point in our life where we knew what we did and didn't want in a partner. We were kinda stubborn, but it worked towards our benefit! 

One desire we wholeheartedly and firmly agreed on was to date our spouse.

Dating your spouse, to us, means we are choosing to put marriage first. Does this mean our marriage is perfect? Absolutely NOT! But we are making a commitment to one another in wanting to build a solid foundation and keep love alive. The world can get crazy, but our marriage, family and home should be our sanctuary. Life with kids in school and sports, having full-time jobs, cooking, cleaning, meetings - you name it - and the list can go on. I'm a mom and completely get it. Its exhausting from the moment of the alarm queuing you to wake-up, to the moment of setting your alarm back on at night. And so, this is why dating each other works for us and many others. Our dates cause Jimmy and I to push aside life and all that it entails of and forces us to focus on each other. 


We set rules for date nights (and even family outings) where its a 'no phone' zone . . . after we take that selfie or pic of our yummy food, of course ;) I've heard of couples creating certain rules with topics they are NOT going to discuss. Kids, finances, or other topics can be distraction which can instantly turn date night into a meeting. Letting go of the such topics (and the phone) is not easy but it is totally worth it! One important rule, make date nights consistent! Don't let 'no babysitter' be the excuse. Please make your marriage a priority by dating your spouse once a week or once a month. Even if that means marking each others calendar in bold letters: DATE NIGHT!

Dating your spouse is an investment into your marriage

Most of all have fun. Dating was exciting and filled your tummy with butterflies before marriage. Lets revive those feelings and memories of him picking you up, and when you cleared out the closet to make that perfect outfit to wear.


Dates can literally take place anywhere but here are a few of our faves:

  • The beach, best place for a stroll or simply sit and gaze out in the ocean.
  • Go to a small diner, find that perfect booth and order your favorite dessert. [If you're in San Diego, Clayton's in Coronado is our fave]
  • Coffee shops are our thing, as they are to many others. People watching is always fun :)
  • Search the internet, find interesting or cool places to visit (museums, art walks, hikes) and make it adventure - we do this MANY times, even during family time.
  • If all else fails, Yelp it!
  • Flowers can make a girl swoon - make this a mental note fellas! 
  • Lastly, a movie + pizza night (with a beer or champs) is alway a WIN in our home. Just be sure to not make it a habit!

would LOVE to hear:

why you LOVE date nights + your fave date night ideas?

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:34-35