"Any day spent with you is my favorite day." - Winnie the Pooh

Anyone else believe LOVE should be celebrated throughout the year? I'm a firm believer in showering those you love (including random acts of kindness) at any given moment and for no particular reason. But that may just be me :) 

On Valentine's, I like to make it fun & cheesy! Filling it with DIY crafty hearts, festive streamers in the colors of red and pink, and wearing my appropriate valentines headband. But, I know many aren't fans of the mushy, festive day. The list can go on of why people would rather the day be filled with gloom, which makes me think of Carrie and Miranda's not so great Valentines Day dinner - when both were newly single and crushed. My fave is when Carrie try's to leave but the darn balloons! The feels and mood that mimics how many, I'm sure, fee on Valentines.

As always, my take in life is to make the most of a situation and look for the positive - even if you have to dig hard for the positive! 

Trust me. I've been single, pre and post becoming a mom. And now I'm married, but we both have a tight schedule with work and life schedules, the calendar doesn't miraculously clear-up on occasions we would like to just be together over some coffee or dinner. My point is: regardless of your current Facebook relationship status (single. married. complicated. etc). If you're on the down and don't want to celebrate, change that mindset and enjoy the day! If you're a parent and have no time, MAKE TIME! Get that sitter. Celebrate on the weekend. OR better yet, celebrate it with the kids. If you're single, get those friends together and do something together. And know, Valentines doesn't need to be mushy and with endless amounts of flowers. There are so many ways to celebrate the day: hiking, a stroll down the beach or park, catch a movie, bake or buy your fave dessert and champs (or hot cocoa), go vintage retail-therapy-shopping, treat yourself to a little something from your fave store. The list can go on. 

I love Valentines day not because of anything romantic but simply because of the memories my mother created when my brothers and I were young. Every year she would order us all our own mini heart-shaped cake, which was decorated in festive Valentines Day frosting. On Valentines Day, soon as we came home from school I would rush to the fridge and see the pink cake boxes! And then devour in half of my cake, saving the rest for later (anyone heard of: cake for breakfast?). Traditions are fun and traditions aren't reserved only for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And Valentines Day isn't only for the hopeless romantics. Valentines is for everyone!

• • •

In the spirit of L-O-V-E, here is a list of gifts, DIY crafts and things to do

-kid + budget friendly-

If you have kids and no sitter, have fun as a family because it won't be this way forever and you'll create so many memories - just as my mom did.


 Skinny Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies?  //  Healthy Strawberry Snacks  //  FOOD In Heart Shapes  //  Rose Garland  //   Cupid Crispies  //  Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies  //  Heart Shaped Pizza!  //   V-Day Kids Lunches  //  Chocolate Spoons  //  PRIS' FAVE Popcorn!!!  //  Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls  //  Pancake Hearts  // Bugs + Kisses  //  Donuts!  //  JENGA  //  Animal Jars  //  Cookie Hearts  // BEST (vegan) Sugar Cookies  // DIY Painted Heart Book Bag  //  EASY V-Day Decor  //  Strawberries + Cream Puppy Chow  //  DIY Craft Games  //  


Sprinkle's Cupcakes - Care Bears!  //  Disney's UP Necklace  //  Embroidered Monogram Necklace  //  Heart Pizza Tee  // Heart Espresso Cups  // Cookie Stamps  //  Cookie Cutters  //  Chocolate Deco Pens  //  Trinket Trays  //   Love To Give Tee  //   Pizza Tee  //  Heart Tights  //  Your Stuck With Me  // Valentines Day CARDS //  Elephant Succulent Planter //  Tea  //  Tea  Again // Coffee  //  Coffee Again 


Gandola Ride //  SD Heart 5k Walk + Run  //  Coronado Valentine's Day 10k, 5k, 1 Mile Fun Run  //  Shopping In The Heart Of I.B.  //  Movie Night + Order Take Out //  Game Night + Pizza At Home //  Dessert Night Out  //  Drive-In Movies  //  Go On A Date As A Family: Ice Cream, Dessert, Pizza, Donuts + Hot Cocoa  // Visit: Sprinkles, Eclipse Chocolate, Extraordinary Desserts, Claytons Coffee Shop, Donut Bar, Tartine,  //  Pamper Yourself With Your Fave Homemade Facial Mask  //  Get Those Nails Done  //  Get That Hair Did  // Visit Your Fave Vintage Shop  //  Treat Yourself With A Little Something From Your Fave Store  //  Bake That Fave Sweet Of Yours  //  Layout A Blanket In The Family Room For Game and/or Movie Night, Filled With Snacks + Treats  //  Hike Your Fave Trail  //  Take A Stroll At Your Fave Park Or Beach  //  Buy A New Journal + Write Your Thoughts, Over Your Fave Coffee/Tea & At The Park, Coffee Shop Or Somewhere New  //  Make Plans With Friends  (Just no Carrie & Miranda angry Valentines dinner scene's LOL).

• • •

We hope we've encouraged another perspective for this festive day and we hope you share with us how you spent the day!

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